Domo is Italian for home. Bar is Italian for café. Domobar: café at home.

Vibiemme founded in 1976 by Carlo Valente, (who previously founded Faema) then becoming consolidated under the Osnato family spanning 40 years of History.

Domobar is the 1st espresso machine for domestic use equipped with the VBM E61 group head. In  40 years of development it leads the way in espresso machines for home users, embodying the image of style and quality of life, reliability and a strictly made in Italy design. Espresso Engineers for over 20 years, has assisted in the redesign of this VBM E61 group head espresso machine using components that come entirely from VBM's commercial cafe machines guaranteeing results that are the envy of the professional Barista.

Domobar in New Zealand has been re-engineered exclusively for our need of steamed milk. Domobar out steams all competition resulting in a very thick velvety steamed milk texture to satisfy our craving.

This resident Italian is now very much a permanent fixture in local kiwi kitchens .  

domobar espresso machines. prestige vbm domestic coffee machines distributed in nz by valente machinery