The Essentials

Domobar offers you free training at the time of purchase.

Your Coffee Roaster will show you the in's and out's of using your new machine so you can hit the ground running and impress your friends.

Tasting Course: Espresso Italiano Experience

Once you've mastered the basics, and are ready to really show off, why not consider participating in the Espresso Italiano Experience tasting course at our Auckland training room? This three hour course is internationally certified and involves a practical and theory test. Through a series of exercises you'll learn how to distinguish in a cup of coffee the merits of the beans it was made from, the expertise of the coffee roaster, the efficiency of the coffee grinder and espresso machine and the skill of the barista.

The course, including a copy of the Espresso Italiano Tasting book, costs $200 + GST per participant. Contact us here for details. The course is prepared by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters in conjunction with Espresso Italiano.

Espresso Italiano

Espresso is one of the most successful symbols of ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide. It’s also one of the most copied, often with very poor results. So in 1998 the Italian Espresso National Institute was founded to safeguard and promote espresso. In 1999 the Institute obtained certification for espresso coffee with the mark Espresso Italiano.

To achieve certification with the Institute and to serve a Certified Italian Espresso to consumers, coffee bars must use a qualified coffee blend, a qualified machine and grinder and have qualified personnel. Only by complying with these conditions, under the supervision of the experts from the Italian Espresso National Institute and the auditors of the Certifying Body, is it possible to offer a coffee with the certification mark ‘Espresso Italiano’.

In New Zealand this certification can only be found at the Domobar Espresso Bar training room, located at the corner of Mackelvie and Crummer Roads, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

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